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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to The Postcatatrophe Economy blog

Thank you for reading The Postcatastrophe Economy and welcome to the book blog.

I wrote my book for everyone who is not an expert in economics and finance who wants to understand what went wrong with our economy, why it's not recovering, what needs to be done to get the economy back on track, and what each of us can do both to encourage positive change and to protect ourselves from the personal risks that our difficult economic environment presents.

The blog is for non-experts who want to understand the changes happening to our economy. Finance and economics experts can visit my other site,, started in October 1998. Here I will comment on economy related news -- in housing, employment, energy, inflation, the dollar -- as they happen and explain what they mean. 

Reader comments are always appreciated. Due to time constraints I will not be able to answer questions posted here by readers, although moderators who are familiar with my work will respond to questions.

It's going to be an eventful decade ahead. Thank you for reading and for your participation.

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